I began the venture of starting my own fashion label in September of 2015 and for a little over a year now I have been working very hard to produce collections and grow my brand. This led to many late nights and what seems like endless stress and anxiety, but I love what I do.


I love the fashion industry and being a part of it. Along my business endeavor I have continuously sought out people who I could learn from, or simply see a bit of inside experiences to gather more information. On my hunt, however, I came up empty handed. Maybe it’s the industry? Maybe when you are in the luxury market, everything is very “hush hush”? Or maybe fashion brands are too competitive?



Therefore, I want to provide a site for you to come to for knowledge, a behind the scenes look at my work life and everyday life, and mostly to inspire you!


From the beginning, I always knew that I wanted to position my brand in the luxury market. Since the inception of my brand, I knew it was going to be a struggle to push brand and myself to a higher level. I am very passionate about my company and I have a few little tips and pieces of knowledge I would love to share with you here. I, of course, will talk about this in more detail in a later post.


I am always thrilled to see my pieces on others, but I often get questions myself on how I’d wear a certain garment. Many people ask about pieces from my collections or how I incorporate trends, and many other style related questions. I want to show you my collection in a new way and bring my eye to how I style them for different occasions.


Lastly, I am a serial learner, as I like to put it. I love working, but I truly enjoy learning new things. I am always scrolling through pages and sites at the end of the day seeking out new information. I could spend endless hours listening to podcasts, reading posts, watching videos, all to just learn more. I truly think I have learned a lot since starting my brand and I want to share what I learned with others!


I know there has to be others out there wanting this type of site too. I will be posting/writing once a week, sharing photos, and hopefully very soon be uploading videos!







Please, if you have any thoughts or questions on the post or for future posts leave something in the comments!


Photos taken by Tessa Clark.


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  1. Vivian Evans
    February 6, 2017 / 11:34 AM

    Very impressive, Calle. Good luck with all your future plans.
    Enjoy watching your progress. Love you.

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