Ok, its almost New York Fashion Week.

In the past I have attended and showcased at New York Fashion Week and I can say it was such an educational, stressful, but wonderful experience. Isn’t it every designers dream to be at NYFW? I was there in September 2015 showing Spring/Summer 2016 and then again September 2016 showing Spring/Summer 2017.


I have not done a traditional runway show that would initially come to mind when you think of NYFW. I instead showed my collection in a more intimate setting and by appointment only. Both times in New York with the collection were amazing and I learned so much!



I presented my collection in unique settings; first a hotel suite and the second time in a modern showroom. I took appointments with buyers, stylists, bloggers, and any contacts I had. Meetings included introducing the brand and concept behind the collection while walking through all of the looks. If I were meeting with buyers I would go over more logistical points such as deliveries, prices, fabrications, etc. Whereas, if I were meeting with a stylist or blogger, I would talk through certain pieces that would work well for a photo shoot or any other needs.


However, since I am currently traveling in California for a few weeks, I am obviously not at New York Fashion Week this time. This decision was actually made a while ago and I will explain why.



If you are unfamiliar with the way ready-to-wear fashion weeks work the Spring/Summer collections are shown in September and Autumn/Winter collections shown in February. This means that when you see pieces on the runway, they will not be seen or available in stores for about six months. This sometimes seems wildly illogical, but it is the way fashion has been run for many years.


What actually makes more sense is Couture Fashion Week, which is in July (showing Autumn/Winter) and in January (showing Spring/Summer).


Now for a designer who does the majority of her business with personal clients, this proves to be a little bit of a challenge. Many of my clients see collection pieces that are shown during fashion week and want something custom right then.


So I am switching to more of the idea of “see now, buy now”, which many designers have already started the transition to.


Logically it would make sense for me to show the collection closer to the actual season that my clients would be buying for. I am currently working towards my next collection, but it will not be released until mid summer, which will be Autumn/Winter 2017. This will allow my clients to see the designs and order them in time for the upcoming Fall season.


So, unfortunately, I will not be at NYFW this season.


I am planning on sharing the process of producing my next collection with you! Make sure that if you want to stay updated with the newest posts you subscribe on the home screen!


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