So originally I had planned for this article to come out two weeks ago, but that’s what happens when you’re busy and you’re traveling with spotty service.


Anyway, here it is…


At the start of every year we all set goals and although it’s now the beginning of March, 2017 is my year of big plans. Alongside starting this website, there are other resolutions I have made for the year.



Firstly, I am resolving to work on my fear of putting myself out there. This may seem so crazy to most of you because I can be such an extravert and I love sharing my story and talking with people. However, I have this need to make sure everything is perfect before I can share it. This perfectionism causes myself to hold back; I have this feeling something isn’t ready yet or I haven’t spent enough time on it.


For example, I have been thinking of starting this site now for two years and here I am finally starting. With this, I have accepted that I need to push myself and just dive in and accomplish what I want. Nothing is ever “perfect”, but following my passion is more important than that.


“Nothing is ever “perfect”, but following my passion is more important than that.”


Each day I am trying to keep myself focused and continuously repeating my goals to myself. I really have been working on this and day-by-day I am growing and getting better!



Secondly, my life is full of ups and downs and so many times I find myself comparing it to a rollercoaster. With my fashion label, I am constantly working with private clients, but this doesn’t mean there are consistent work hours. Some weeks or months I am slammed with work and am up late into the night sometimes until 4 AM. Other times can be slower, but typically I am filling them with outside work whether its helping at my Alma Mater with critiques or speaking or trying to start a side passion project.




I would love to just be more consistent. I can be a terrible scheduler, if there’s a project I want to work on I will squeeze it in, even if I have no time. I need to also be better about pacing myself. I can get in ruts where I feel uninspired and unmotivated and those times take a lot of energy for me to produce or work. Creating a better routine and finding something every morning that puts me in the work mode is something I have been working on.



Throughout school mood boards were such a huge part of finding inspiration. I now have been working on a mood board for my life that sits on a large white board in my room that I can look at each day for that extra surge of energy.




Lastly, I have such a desire to travel as much as I can. I just got back from a whirlwind trip to California. I am headed to Philadelphia for a short trip in a few weeks and then to Florida in May. Then fingers-crossed I will be able to travel to Naples, Italy with my man. I’d also love to squeeze in a trip back to Paris, but that’s a big dream!


Of course, I also have the “get fit” goal. (Don’t we all?) The past couple years because I was so focused on starting my fashion label that I fell out of my health and fitness routine.


So here we go! Who else is still motivated by their 2017 resolutions and goals?


Please leave a comment and let me know what you think!


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