Firstly, I very much apologize for my lack of posting. Life always gets a little crazy and this time I just couldn’t catch up!


I have always been intrigued by what it means to wear something enchanting. Beautiful, alluring fashion pieces that exude an air of glamour and sensuality are what I strive to produce for CALLE EVANS. Not only do I love designing these styles of garments, but I love wearing these pieces as well.




Back in 2013, when I was studying in Paris, France, I began my fascination with slip dresses. Maybe it was the French air or the overall Parisian style, but I realized I was drawn to lingerie-esque pieces that could be layered or worn alone. I also fell in love with fine fabrics (obviously silks) and hand details that go into couture pieces. Hence the reason I studied hand embroidery at École Lesage while in Paris.



If you were to look back at my graduate collection, you would see almost every look included a slip dress. Now this first slip dress design I produced featured a hand-sewn vintage lace neckline. All the slip dresses were made from 100% silk charmeuse cut on the bias* and vintage French lace. This was pretty much the beginning of my love of creating and wearing slip dresses. Ugh, just how sumptuous does that sound… wearing a slip dress.

There is a sense that a slip dress alludes to being sophisticated yet can also be quite sensual due to the piece originating as an undergarment. It has the perfect mixture of everything for me and although it has been a huge trend now for quite a while, I think it is a silhouette that compliments every body type and will stick around for a bit longer.











However, I am not only in love with the shape of the slip dress, I am also very much in love with wearing silk. Almost all the pieces I create for CALLE EVANS are made from 100% silk. Until you have worn a pure silk garment you do not know how amazing it feels against your skin. Just imagine a fabric that can be both cool and warm in your hand and just glides over your shape in the most amazing way. I would probably own an entire closet full of silk pieces if I wasn’t so hard on some of my clothes. Think, working till 2AM and running around my work space, etc.


I cannot express enough to my clients or friends how versatile this dress is. I wear my black slip dress to everything, whether it is a meeting, errands, or a special event. This piece looks amazing whether you dress it up with heels and a great blazer or want to keep it casual over a fitted tee and sneakers. For someone who is constantly rushing to my next event and often I am rushing to change and get ready for an evening event, so this dress is PERFECT!







Obviously you can tell I could go on and on about slip dresses. If you want to know my favorite check them out here 😉 (do you even have to guess? clearly I love my own!)






*Cut on the bias means that the garment has an added luxury factor. By being cut on the bias, the garment lays beautifully over your body shape because there is added drape and a little stretch even though its not a stretch fabric.


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