Looking over the past year it’s a bit of a blur and at times was overly chaotic, which is probably a result of high amounts of stress and emotions on my part. There were intense times with client pieces, then a lull of almost no work. For example, I was working up until December 23rd finishing client orders and then was desperate to completely shut off once I finished that day.


I am now on a bit of vacation in the San Francisco area of California. My boyfriend and I started driving out here on December 26th and arrived on the 29th (yes, it was long days of driving to make it here in time). We wanted to spend New Years Eve out here with some friends of ours and we did just that!


Unfortunately, we did not have WiFi while driving and then when we arrived still no internet, so we have been working off of our mobile hotspot for the past week. This made it extremely difficult to get my photos, edit, and compose this post on WordPress. This is why this post is a little later than I had hoped (my goal was January 1st, like everyone loves to do at the start of the year). Now, I am finally sitting in a Starbucks with WiFi working out all the details of this post.


As I look back through this years’ chaos, I think that’s when my clarity came. I see more now the vision I desired at the inception of this blog almost a year ago. (You can go back and read a couple of my first posts!) Maybe because this year was such a rollercoaster I really thought about what I love, what I wanted to give back, how I want to be perceived, and so much more.


This is why I am back again this year, with a fresh voice and eyes to what I want to inspire on this site!


Since I missed out on posting so much in 2017, I am going to recap many of my accomplishments or just simply exciting things that happened this year!


 NO. 1


This year I had more consistent work than I had in years past. I know I previously mentioned that my work was up and down, but it still somehow was more constant than past years’. If you follow my journey, you will know I launched my business in September of 2015 so this past September was my second year and it was better than the first! Here’s to more in 2018!


NO. 2

The one thing I treasure so much is my ability to travel. This past year I was in California, Philadelphia, New Jersey, Arizona, (I also road tripped home from California and then back, but I don’t think I can count the states in between). One of the highlights, however, was travelling with Brandon around Italy. I have been meaning to do a post on our trip because honestly there are such treasures there that I want to share with everyone! I really hope this is something that never goes away; I want to visit and experience every state and country.


NO. 3

I have really honed in on my everyday style and strived for buying quality over quantity. As many of you know I can’t preach enough about making smart purchases from sustainable and quality companies. I have made way less clothing purchases this year. LESS IS MORE, but that’s difficult when your style leans towards being a MORE IS MORE person. When I do buy something I really thought about whether or not I needed it. Was this piece going to elevate my wardrobe? Will this piece be worn 30+ times? Is this style going to last, but also pair well with what I already have in my wardrobe?





“…that’s difficult when your style leans towards being a MORE IS MORE person.”


Some pieces I invested in this year:

  1. A pair of black Paige Denim that I wear almost daily. This pair of pants wears so well and I wear black pants every day because they go with everything. This pair stretches when I am running around sewing, getting up and down from the floor or standing for long periods.


  1. I now have two silk tanks from my brand, CALLE EVANS, one white and one black. These tanks go with my simple black denim, but really elevate the look for when I need to run from a clients place to an event. It’s the perfect transitional piece. Plus, (I can’t talk about it enough) but there’s something magical about wearing silk that instantly makes feel more powerful and sensual.


  1. You may be able to see it in these photos, but some of my friends started a brand called Hark + Hark out of Cincinnati and I recently bought the meeting ring that I wear daily. One area that I think is a great place to invest is in jewelry because you can EASILY dress up an outfit with the right accessories. This ring is stainless steel so I can wear it daily, but has little crystals in the design, which add a hint of sparkle without being too much. I love supporting local designers in this industry, because it’s always a good investment and directly supports emerging talent. There are also so many amazing jewelry designers in cities across the states.




NO. 4

Although not everyone can see this, I actually did achieve one of my resolutions of last year. I have worked daily at overcoming my struggle for perfectionism. This area of my life used to eat at me everyday and would hinder pushing a product or even something as small as an Instagram post. I have really pushed myself to just put myself out there no matter if it was perfect or not! This is something I am bringing with me into this year as well because I truly want to keep working at it. I have a lot further to go, but I went to more events, worked with more clients, and produced more products and content, etc. than I have before.


This is why I am kicking myself into high gear already this year and have planned out many more posts and projects for 2018!


NO. 5

I have realized to treasure my friendships and how true the statement is “surround yourself with positive people”. I think making sure those closest to you are going to keep pushing you and motivating you day in and day out is so important. When you work by yourself and for yourself outside people can either bring you down or help you grow. I can honestly say this past year was filled with my closest friends and I felt the most satisfied in this area of my life because of how inspiring they all are!



Tell me what you accomplished in 2017, I know so many of you were ready to leave it as soon as the clock hit midnight, but it’s always good to reflect!



These photos were taken by Andrea Sabugo at Hotel Covington in Covington, Kentucky, while Brandon and I took a mini stay-cation before the holidays hit us.


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  1. January 8, 2018 / 2:30 PM

    Great reflection post. I related to it a lot as I’m a freelancer/editor/blogger who’s work is always fluctuating. My goal in 2018 is to travel more, and I love that you went to Italy! I lived there during high school and would love to go back! I also agree with the surrounding yourself with great people part, it’s essential when you are a creative person.

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