So here we go 2018…

I know everyone is reading TONS of blog posts about our goals and resolutions for 2018 and here I am doing the exact same thing. However, I’d also like to add a bit more to this…


Reasons 2018 will be the best year yet:


  1. Everyone was SERIOUSLY ready to leave 2017 in the dust. It was a rough year for so many people and I definitely felt it and have so many friends and family that agree. Can’t you just feel we are off to a better start?


  1. Now this is hardly solid evidence this year is going to be amazing, but while in Napa last week one of the sommeliers was very inspirational and spoke very highly of what’s to come. She mentioned she just had a lengthy conversation with her astrologist and they told her this was the year of the Butterfly, which means it will be the year of transformation and personal growth. **My friends and I think that I need to call Buena Vista and get her to tell me all of my 2018 predictions because honestly she made me feel really good about going into this year.**

Also if you just look up some predictions for 2018 you will find that this is the Chinese year of the Earth Dog. Some of the characteristics of this year are good financial year, a year of action, new business opportunities, building and high social status, and luck in marriages.


  1. Lastly, we all finally have it down. I could feel this way because that’s how you are supposed to feel going into your late 20’s (right?), but I think many of my friends, family, and followers are getting the hang of things. Leading up to this year there have been so many changes, in tech, in social media, in businesses, with influencers and more, and there may still be big changes this year… but I think we all got this now! We are all prepared and more informed than ever and we are going to knock it out of the park.



Now with this knowledge that 2018 will be the best year yet, here are my goals and resolutions…





This means stop when my body and mind are telling me to stop and take a break. It also means stop doing the ‘busy’ thing. Our generation has an obsession with being busy and I’ve read so many people talk about it lately and it’s so spot on. I honestly have fallen into that trap many times this past year, which resulted in being inefficient at tasks, constantly draining on my energy, and taking at least double the amount of time it requires for a project. My goal is to take purposeful breaks, whether its to go to the gym, walk outside, watch a short episode or YouTube video, or anything else that takes my mind COMPLETELY off my work for 30 minutes or even taking a mini vacation and not thinking about work once. I have let my work consume me too much at times to where I think of nothing else and even if I go on a run I can’t stop feeling guilty or thinking of all that needs to get done. I am setting out to be more productive when I work, with fewer distractions. Then when I take a break I can shut my brain off.


What I think will help with this a little is meditating each day for however long I feel I need to. I have done this in the past at the end of the day and it helps my brain calm down and organize tasks or goals for the day. I have been using Headspace lately and really enjoy it and may upgrade so I can get guided meditations for specific areas I want to work on.













I am a visual person and mood boarding is my thing. I am working to put together what the vision board and goals would be for me 2, 5, & 10 years out.


In years past I’ve done sort of an abridged version and I think that has been what has led me to struggle. I would always do a general mood board and not sit down and write out specifics, but I want to dive in. I want to map out the details and define what I want within the upcoming years and work on manifesting that.

If you haven’t read up on how to master the art of manifestation is and how it can help you with all your business and personal goals you need to read up ASAP!






If any of you read my resolutions from last year or even my previous post you know I have struggled with perfectionism and it has held me back when it comes to social media, blogging, my business, and others areas of life. This year I want to keep improving. I have made serious improvements from last year, but there’s still more growth I’d like to see.


My life is not perfect, but I hope you love seeing that because I’m going to be sharing a lot more!






This is difficult. I strive to please others and make sure they LOVE what I do for them! This honestly means may times I complete my service at a reduced rate or sometimes I will do things for free. I know many of you are thinking I am crazy!


I have a degree in Fashion Design and I would say that my skills have been honed to be exceptional. To add to that I studied abroad in Paris at École Lesage to be professionally trained in Haute Couture embroidery, which I know is an exceptional skill that very few people in the states have. Since this skill is uncommon here it means many clients don’t understand the cost and time it takes to complete a custom creation. This year I am going to hold myself to a higher level and respect myself (and skills) enough to know my worth.






We all make this resolution every year. Mine this year has less to do with losing weight, but more to get myself to eat healthier and work out more. I truly enjoy running and heading to the gym, but it was always the first thing to throw out the window when business was tough. I think this past year may have been the worst; I drank more than previously (not like going out all the time, but more like a glass of wine every night with dinner) and ate more unhealthy fast foods than ever. I’m working on meal planning and working towards eating more plant-based meals.



Now let’s all write down our resolutions again and conquer 2018!


These photos were taken by Andrea Sabugo at Hotel Covington in Covington, Kentucky.


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