I am not the type of person to buy something that I will never wear more than 10 times. I can spend hours hunting for the perfect top or denim, literally. I am extremely picky and I constantly think “will I still wear this next season”, “what is the cost per wear”, “is this style too trendy or does it fit my personal style”. The Net-a-Porter sale is one I look forward to year after year. There are some true gems listed. I am not in the position to splurge on some of these luxury pieces, but when you can get them for up to 70% off, you can’t pass it up.

I have gathered up my picks and separated them into different categories based on when you’ll wear them, if they are investments for next year, or a few wild cards that will stand the test of time and are great deals.



Whether you’re headed to a spring wedding or transitioning between seasons, these picks include some beautiful colors and perfect silhouettes for all occasions.


I am already thinking ahead a few seasons (because, why not?) and there are perfect warm weather pieces and hues in the mix. Plus, we get to include more feminine pieces and swimsuits!


I really work at my fall/winter wardrobe because I find it difficult to find cozy, comfy, and chic pieces that match the chilly weather. I love wearing dark colors and theres a few exciting pieces that have beautiful prints or patterns that I could see myself wearing next year as well as now!


These are pieces I fell in love with. They may not be everyone’s “cup of tea”, but I was excited by these and all the ideas of outfits I could wear them with!



There were over 90 pages of on sale clothing!! Hopefully this has helped and you can now better sift through all of these recommendations and see what will work in your wardrobe. I love the Net-a-Porter sale and I have some great pieces from years past that I still wear today! Happy shopping!


** I use affiliate links (read more here). You as a customer do not pay more because of this and it doesn’t affect you in any way other than giving a small percentage to the person who compiled the link. You will not pay more or less for buying this way.**

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