I used to struggle working from random locations and actually being productive. This was terrible because I think I rarely work from my desk at home. (I am still in California working from a Starbucks yet again…)

Quite frequently I find myself sitting in a hotel room, random coffee shop, or in someone else’s apartment or house.

So this is why I have some serious pieces of advice to help you work from anywhere.

NO. 1

Routine is key. I like to wake up and have my Super Elixir Alkalizing Greens everyday and so if I would do that at home, I need to do it while traveling. I also need a coffee and a substantial breakfast that is heavy in protein such as eggs and toast or avocado. YUM. Wherever I am, I need to make sure I fuel my body with those few items before I can begin work.

Then if you work better by replying to emails first thing, stick with that. My routine is still being refined, but currently I like to do all of my writing like emails or posts first thing. However, writing posts also can be way more successful if I write them late in the day because truthfully I am the most creative from about 2 or 3 PM on.

If I have to make calls that day, I need to start off with those. I hate phone calls (I am trying to get better). If I don’t sort out a phone call first thing, it probably will never happen.

So I suggest doing at least 2-3 things you hate doing first thing in the morning. Trust me, you end up feeling way more productive that day if you can check off those items.

NO. 2

Quiet is your friend. Maybe not so much silence, but drowning out outside noise. I don’t know what I’d do without headphones. I need to be listening to music for so many tasks like writing, sketching, emailing, cleaning, etc.

Make a killer Spotify playlist. I alternate between atmospheric electronic to catchy pop to good classical tunes depending on my mood and what I am trying to achieve. Check out the playlists Calm Classics or Jazztronica (personal fav) or even Deep Dark Indie on Spotify. I have found that if I know the words to the song I end up just singing (and then writing the words) when I am supposed to be composing an email, however, those songs are always good for getting my creative juices flowing.

Lastly, put the “Do Not Disturb” on the door.

NO. 3

Get that coffee. Wherever you are get that little boost. There’s something motivating about posh coffee. Especially when your hotel has a chic coffee bar downstairs (Hotel Covington had the cutest coffee bar, the nicest barista, and wonderful pour over coffee). We all know that having that cup sitting next to your work station is like the perfect Instagram photo motivating you work even harder.

NO. 4

Get dressed. I mean this in the way of actually putting on the outfit you’d want to be seen in for the day. If you never change out of your PJs or comfy clothes, I believe that you are less productive than if you put on a chic outfit. I love wearing a black cashmere sweater or this Victoria Beckham for Target button up and my black Paige Denim with some warm cabin socks in the winter, its chic and comfy. (I’m not saying you can’t accomplish anything in sweats, but you are definitely less likely. **Also studies are saying that wearing leggings all the time is one of the factors to over eating and gaining weight.)

Also I find its helpful to do my makeup, at least a little bit so my face feels put together and fresh. Or sometimes I like to do a mask for a really long time (I know I may be a bit extreme, but I feel this is the ultimate multi-tasking).

NO. 5

Plan it out. Ok let’s all be honest, there was something so satisfying about having a planner in school and crossing off your homework for the day. I believe that we can definitely carry this into our adult life, especially with all these cute planner companies out there now. I just got myself the passion planner (will report back maybe mid year on how I like it) and thus far I have been making sure I write daily goals and to-do lists in it. This helps so much when I don’t have access to my home computer or when I am trying to refer back to the past weeks work. I have always had a notebook in my bag, but carrying over that “notebook mentality” to an agenda keeps me on track and focused.

When your constantly traveling it is difficult to write everything down all the time, but set a time each week (maybe Sunday or first thing Monday is my favorite) to plan out every detail for the upcoming week. **My planner even has time slots for every half hour.** It is much easier to check a task off when its plainly written out for you.

Ok so I’ve now realized I have done three posts listing things. Are you tired of this format or do you like to read them? I promise the next post will NOT be in this format.

If any of you have more suggestions to add, please share! I am always looking to up my productivity level, especially while traveling.

These photos were taken by Andrea Sabugo at Hotel Covington in Covington, Kentucky.


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  1. February 5, 2018 / 11:16 AM

    Such good tips! I find when I work from home, if I stay in my pj’s I’m so slow and sluggish all day

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