At 24 years of age (or in 2015), Calle Evans, founded her self-titled luxury clothing brand (calleevans.com) after graduating with a degree in Fashion Design. She previously worked for a few major fashion companies, such as Abercrombie & Fitch, LaSenza, and Marchesa. Calle also lived in Paris, France while studying at École Lesage, an embroidery school owned by Chanel, and completed her professional training in Haute Couture embroidery.


Working and growing her business has been a challenging learning experience and all the while she realized there was no open source of information or inspiration from fellow emerging designers.


Calle strives to open up her life, story, and process to all readers, whether you are a fellow luxury fashion lover or an aspiring designer, she hopes this site will encourage and excite others.


Calle of CALLE EVANS covers fashion and entrepreneurship, and occasionally beauty, lifestyle, and travel.


Make sure to also stay connected with Calle on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and hopefully soon YouTube.